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The phone is one of the most intelligent devices, and it has brought many benefits to serve life. Before the advent of phones, the most common way to communicate was by using mail to share. This will take a very long time to receive feedback from others. But everything has two sides of it, and the phone has also become a new scam place for scammers. Every year, there are many spam phone calls and scams taking place worldwide and bring enormous consequences. So there’s an application that can help prevent that, the one that can help that user is Calls Blacklist Pro.


These application works are straightforward; players don’t need to do too many things to apply. Once downloaded and installed on the user’s device, you can easily use it. The user needs to start the application, and then you don’t need to do anything; the application is automatically made for the user. Previously, if you used another application, you needed to do many things to activate the application and need to do it manually. But if you use this application, all users need to download and launch it for the first time. When it starts up for the first time, the app will require some call-related permissions for the app to work.

Indeed many people will worry that if you grant permissions to the application, it can pass through it to listen to the user’s conversations. But for this application, it is completely impossible; the application has been tested very carefully before being posted to the store. Users can feel secure when using the application to block unwanted calls.

Schedule to block

There are times when a user needs to go into the activity room, which is the conference room, to have an important meeting. The mobile device must be completely turned off at such times because if only one call is needed, the user still feels uncomfortable even if there is no sound. And if you accidentally forget to turn off the notification mode, an alarm will be sent, and then a bad consequence will be waiting for you. But when the user turns off, there are times when you forget to turn the device back on to receive calls. But this application is a tool for users to fix that.

The application will provide users with a scheduled blocking feature that the user has installed. For example, every Monday from 7 am to 10 am, the user will have a meeting at the company to report. The user can set precisely that time, and when the time comes, the app will automatically block all incoming calls. After the requested time is over, the app will automatically shut down and let everything go back to normal. The user does not need to do anything because it automatically turns off and enables the user’s call feature.

Variety of choices

Not only blocking, but the application also provides a lot of different features so that users can choose what they need. Calls made by unknown numbers can often be fraudsters, so users can choose to block unknown numbers. Or the user can block the private numbers that the user has added to the blacklist so that the app can block them. Users can block unwanted calls, but the app can also block incoming messages when users need it. All the users’ numbers added to the blacklist are calls and messages not sent to the user.

Call List

For blocked numbers, their calls, and messages will not reach the user. But that’s not true since the application can generate a list for the user to get. All the call and text history of the blocked numbers will be saved here for users’ easy access. Users don’t need to worry about having a critical person call or text but inaccessible because everything is saved. This feature will make sure that users can easily find what they need on the list. The user can also take the number off the blacklist to get things back to normal.

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