Cooking Diary (MOD, Unlimited Currency)

Version 1.33.0
Mod InfoUnlimited Currency

The story originates from a guy who is passionate about cooking but does not know how to properly operate his store. He starts to make things chaotic and perverted. Cooking utensils are constantly broken and the shop is also dirty. Moreover, the food requirements of this place are very strict, Tasty Hill is a place where everyone loves to eat and drink. If you do not cook good food, you will definitely be eliminated from the game. Right now, the protagonist’s family restaurant chain needs to be saved. A girl appeared and things started to get better. You will be that guy’s companion in Cooking Diary. How can I build my reputation based on the dishes I cook in my beloved kitchen.

Cook the best you can

Obviously, with Cooking Diary, players will be able to cook. Players will operate a shop that sells synthetic food. That means everything that can be cooked in the kitchen is served by you. As a result, customers coming to you will be more and more diverse. Another thing is that the dishes are also significantly increased. The higher the level you reach, the more recipes you need to know. Hundreds of delicious recipes in the game are always worthwhile for you to test whenever a customer requests. In addition, a few weeks will have an update patch to renew the player experience. Thanks to that, new recipes will be updated regularly. The more you play, the more new content you will have to enjoy.

Grow heirloom food supply chain

This shop is the last asset your grandfather passed on to you. The old glory is gone but instead is the downfall. However, with the appearance of that girl, things changed dramatically. The family business is increasingly developing and tends to expand. You also have to take into account the expansion of your existing property. In addition, once you’ve stored enough money, you can open more stores. They will be one of the right investments for you to become rich. Each store should follow a different theme to make diners more interested in your food.
One more thing, each time you hoard a certain amount, you should decorate your store more. This is a very important factor affecting your success. The more beautiful your store is, the more people come here to enjoy the food. Moreover, the store’s appearance also reflects its class. When customers arrive, the sales will increase, and you can also increase the price of the product and sell more expensive dishes. The decorations are also varied from useful items such as furniture, wall paint, to items just to enhance the aesthetics such as wall paintings, plants, curtains, … This will make a good overall look for your store in the future.

Upgrade cooking utensils to achieve higher productivity

Achieving high levels in the game will bring you more complex recipes. These dishes will be sold at high prices and increase your sales a lot. However, these dishes also have their limitations. First, to cook them, you have to prepare more ingredients at a higher level. They will cost a lot of capital to accumulate in the store. In addition, these dishes also need more sophisticated cooking utensils to cook exactly what the customer requires.
For example, you need a good refrigerator to store more ingredients; an oven large and hot enough to prepare related dishes; A blender that is powerful enough to crush ingredients before you cook them, … lots of pretty things you need to prepare for your future life. The more your store grows, the more difficult challenges you will face.

Enjoying a happy relationship

An emotional relationship is one that many people enjoy in all the arts they enjoy; So does Cooking Diary. It will become much more romantic as the two enter a healthy love relationship. Basically, when this girl came to the guy and lived with him in this kitchen, their feelings were already beyond friendship. Can you build a beautiful love story in this kitchen? Perhaps, if the two become a couple, the store will definitely grow stronger than before. The stores, the family hesitate and more will become better and better.

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