PrinterShare Mobile Print 12.6.3 (MOD, Premium)

Version 12.6.3
Mod InfoPremium
There are a lot of jobs in the world, but there are some jobs that seem to have more work than others. In it, it will probably be linked to office work, one of the jobs that many people choose to do. One of the things that this job requires a lot is in paper documents, so to have such documents, we need to use a printer. If the user is a regular user of the printer, the PrinterShare Mobile Print application will be an excellent tool for you. This application is of great help to users as it supports printing on the user’s device.

Print anytime, anywhere with this application

This application is a tool used to connect the user’s device to the printer. Once a connection is established, users can easily print what they want with just a few touches. The application will provide users with two printing ways that users can use depending on the circumstances that you encounter.
Print nearby: With this printing method, when users connect to the same wifi via Local Area Network; this way, users can print in close range. Users can share data directly to the printer so that the printer can work and create what users need. Users only need to turn on the document that they want to print in their folder and then select the printer that they need to print that document. This way, it is not necessary for the user to create an account since all were sent in the same Local Area Network for security.
Remote Printing – Printing from a distance: It is not always possible to be present at the office to be ready for printing. There are times when users are on a business trip but still need to print documents for others, use the Remote Printing feature of the application. First, to use this application, the user needs to create an account so that the app can safely protect users’ devices. The user’s document will be posted on the internet, and through this application to the printer, the user wants it to work. This feature is very convenient when the user can be anywhere but can still print the documents they need.

Supports many different printer brands

On the market today, there are many kinds of printers for users to choose from, such as HP, Canon, Brother, and more. With this application, almost all types of printers will be supported so that users can easily use them. But if there are a few devices that this application is not compatible, the app will automatically scan to find out which machines are available for users to use.

Works well in many conditions

If users use the Local Area Network, make sure this application works well under all circumstances. But if users are too far away and can not use it, do not worry at all, because the app works well under all internet conditions. If possible, it is best to use 3G or wifi so that the data transmission can take place quickly. But if it is not possible, EDGE or others will still work, but it will take longer to download the data.

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