Alice Gear Aegis (MOD, God Mode/One Hit)

Alice Gear Aegis (MOD, God Mode/One Hit)
App Name Alice Gear Aegis
Version 1.43.1
Genre RPG
Size 55MB
Mod Info God Mode/One Hit
Battles always give people a specific attraction along with the challenges they will overcome. You can experience the above feeling in Alice Gear Aegis, where you will engage in battles with many different enemies. At the same time, you can experience an entertaining way of playing with simple controls. So, this is a game that will entertain you thoroughly.
Alice Gear Aegis (MOD, God Mode/One Hit)


Players will love Alice Gear Aegis for many different reasons, and one of them is the graphics that the game possesses. The images in the game are beautifully designed that anyone can’t ignore. At the same time, players will find many female characters with various impressive looks along with an exciting story unfolding before the player’s eyes. Therefore, players will certainly not be able to ignore the gameplay of this game because of the fun it brings.
Players will control the character in a third-person perspective, and the movement or attack is made simply by touching or swiping on the smartphone’s screen. Therefore, it can be said that any player can master the gameplay of this game. It is where they can show off their character’s skills and win battles with various enemies. Their numbers are also wholly overwhelming, and you will be fully equipped to fight them.


Players will engage in space battles with enemies of different shapes and continuously attack you. So you will move with swipes to dodge their attacks and respond to them with powerful shots. In Alice Gear Aegis, an aiming system aims to aim easily at enemies, and shots can be fired with absolute precision. In addition, in the 3D environment, you can close the distance with your enemies.
Alice Gear Aegis (MOD, God Mode/One Hit)
In the game environment, you can choose two ways to defeat enemies using guns or swords. The gun will have two modes: regular shooting will help you maintain a continuous attack, and shooting multiple rays will take a while. Specifically, you will need a certain amount of time to drain your energy and shoot out many different beams at once to attack more enemies. In addition, if you have come close to the enemy, you can also use the sword to attack them consecutively.
Alice Gear Aegis (MOD, God Mode/One Hit)


In Alice Gear Aegis, you will be able to see during the character selection process there will be three empty boxes, and that is the number of characters that you can control inside this game. The leader will be the main character appearing on the game screen, and on the left side of the screen, that is the portrait of the other two characters. So, if you want to change your character, tap on the corresponding character icon, and she will appear immediately. In addition, from time to time, you also need to upgrade your strength.
Alice Gear Aegis (MOD, God Mode/One Hit)
Players will equip their characters with various equipment such as guns, swords, or flying devices. The character will have a certain amount of HP that you can see near the character and many support functions. In addition, for increasingly powerful enemies, you will need to upgrade each weapon to the following levels to easily fight them as you will be the only one against the enemy. In another game mode, you can also join forces with your friend to take down strong enemies.

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