D-MEN: The Defenders (MOD, One Shot Kill)

D-MEN: The Defenders (MOD, One Shot Kill)
App Name D-MEN: The Defenders
Version 2.0.100
Genre Strategy
Size 91MB
Mod Info One Shot Kill
You are looking for new action games with the strongest TD, or want to try yourself with many unique strategies, then do not hesitate to come to D-MEN, a revolutionary tower defense game attractive period. This is a place that will lead players to bloody battles and hundreds of superheroes from all over the world waiting for the summons. Discover clever strategies to work with your heroes to defeat every wave of threatening monsters.
D-MEN: The Defenders (MOD, One Shot Kill)


Because it is an action strategy game, the plot that D-MEN brings is extremely dramatic. The story is set in the world of the great gods. After successfully destroying the monster corporation Hela came from hell and sealed it forever deep underground. But unfortunately, one day, Hela broke this seal, restored her ultimate strength, and began plotting to attack the gods once more.
Your mission needs to call superheroes, gather and build an army of superheroes with great strength. To deal with these dangerous forces, players take advantage of all the hero’s strengths and develop appropriate strategies in each situation. Arrange and divide the battle position properly to stop and defeat these cruel hell monsters.
D-MEN: The Defenders (MOD, One Shot Kill)


D-MEN brings tactical gameplay in the form of defense and goalkeeper. The game is divided into several levels, each with different levels and attacks. The first thing players need to do is build a superhero squad and divide it into four sub-factions that suit their strategy. Next, follow the map to determine the direction of the enemy to stop the plot to damage the heroes and protect our base.
Unlike many other action games, players rarely use direct attacks in this game but instead use hero layout and arrangement strategies. Players with their troops need to wait until they appear before starting to attack from afar. The player needs to destroy all the monsters on many levels while still keeping the base to win.
D-MEN: The Defenders (MOD, One Shot Kill)


The highlight of D-MEN lies in the superheroes that the game offers. Each hero comes from many different worlds, and they all have unique skills. Depending on the quality, each hero is attached to each number of stars from 1 to 5—the more stars, the greater the hero’s strength. In addition, after playing, these heroes also have upgraded cards, automatically increasing their quality according to the effort in the stage and many other power indicators.
D-MEN: The Defenders (MOD, One Shot Kill)


In addition to owning a special superhero team, D-MEN also adds much special equipment, such as color units divided by different qualities. To create a higher rate, players can combine three pieces of equipment at the same time. Not only that, but players also show their strength with many different game modes, including story mode and challenge clone mode, especially bloody arenas where you have the opportunity to win and show your strength.
D-MEN: The Defenders (MOD, One Shot Kill)
It possesses dramatic battles with simple character control but instead requires players to have a keen eye to observe each situation and arrange positions. And the main character with matching tactics. If players like defensive tactics and can deploy a good squad, this will be a game not to be missed.

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